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João Pessoa - Brazil - 10-13 November 2015

About Brazil

Brazil is much more than the country of soccer, samba, and bossa nova, of the Amazon Forest and Pantanal regions and the beautiful beaches.

We are 200 million Brazilians and immigrants, shaping one of the most fascinating countries of the planet, connected by a single language – Portuguese, covering an area of more than 8.5 millions square kilometers, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn and the Equator. A country that respects and values the culture of men and women of all ethnic groups, nationalities, religions and cultures, which merged in order to form a single people – the Brazilian people.

With a Gross Domestic Product of approximately US1 2.2 trillions, Brazil is one of the largest economies in South America, producing state-of-the-art technology, especially in the areas of aerospace technology, medicine and IT.

Many Brazilians stand out in the international scenario. Pelé and Ayrton Senna in sports; Tom Jobim, Os Mutantes and Caetano Veloso in music; Jorge Amado and Paulo Coelho in literature; Cândido Portinari in painting; Carmen Miranda and Glauber Rocha in the movies industry; Ruy Barbosa in politics; Oscar Niemeyer in architecture and Santos Dumont in aviation, among many others!

Though a young country, Brazil stands out in many areas, with technology pools, universities, industrial areas, TI, communication and aeronautic companies … every sort of activity is present from North to South and nationwide. From the farmer to the businessman, from agronomy to aerospace engineering, Brazilians are connected to the latest technology and knowledge in the world.