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João Pessoa - Brazil - 10-13 November 2015

Useful Information


President Castro Pinto International Airport

President Castro Pinto International Airport, located in the municipality of Bayeux, 13.6 km from downtown Joao Pessoa and 35 km from the meeting venue, has undergone expansion and rehabilitation work that has increased the capacity of the passenger terminal .

The airport operates 24 hours daily. Its name is an homage to Paraiban president (formerly the title of state governors) Castro Pinto.

The current passenger terminal has ample parking,, an information counter, fast food and restaurants, a tourist information center , shops, car rental, taxi cab services and valet parking.

Phone: +55 (83) 3041-4200

Source: Infraero


Summer runs from December through March with temperatures ranging from 25º C (77º F) to 42º C (108º F). Winter runs from June through August, when temperatures can drop to around 20º C (68º F) during the day and a cool 16º C (60º F) at night.

João Pessoa is a very warm city all year long. Sunrise is around 5 a.m. and by 8 a.m. the sun is really intense. Temperatures range from 19º C (66º F) to 32º C (90º F) during November. Whether or not you intend to go to the beach, it´s important to use sunscreen, at least on the most exposed areas of the body such as face, neck, ears, arms and hands.

It´s also important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink water and natural juices throughout the day.

Lightweight clothes are very welcome in João Pessoa, but it´s always good to have mid-season clothes in case of an exception. We remind you, however, that the conference rooms always have air-conditioning.

See the on-line weather forecast in João Pessoa -

Time Zones

Brazil covers three time zones. Brasília time is the official Brazilian time. This time zone changes during summertime (from October 18th to February 22nd), when Daylight Saving Time is used, but João Pessoa and all the Northern and Northeastern areas don´t undergo this change.

Only national services, like banking agencies, suffer this time change, opening at 9 a.m. and closing at 3 p.m. during this season.


The water supply in Joao Pessoa complies with international standards, but due to an occasional strong taste of chlorine, we advise drinking bottled mineral water.


João Pessoa has an excellent telecommunications system that links the city to the rest of Brazil and the world. Direct dial and collect calls can be made from any telephone. Pay phones are available across the city and are phone card-operated. The International Direct Dial (IDD) code for Brazil is +55 and the city code for João Pessoa is +83.

Voltage and power plug

In Brazil electricity has no fixed standard and the voltage depends at the city. João Pessoa´s voltage is 220/ 240v.

The Brazilian power plug is unique and an adapter will be necessary.


The Brazilian monetary unit is the Real (BRL). Exchange rates are available in every daily newspaper, followed by the U.S. dollar exchange rate used in international business transactions.

Cash and traveler’s checks, especially in U.S. dollars, can be exchanged at almost every bank, currency exchange house or hotel. All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express) are accepted in almost all commercial facilities in Brazil.


Banks are open weekdays from 10 am to 4 pm. They are closed on weekends and public holidays.

Automated teller machines (ATMs) can be found through the city. Some machines provide 24-hour cash withdrawal (BRL) facilities for major credit cards.


Hotels: Hotel bills usually include service fees.

Restaurants: You are not obligated to tip, but most frequently 10% is added to the bill.

Taxis: Taxi drivers don’t expect tips, but usually the passengers pay something more if they are satisfied with the service.


The transportation system in João Pessoa comprises buses and taxi cabs. Car rental is available throughout the city.

Approximate costs for taxis:


  • Recife airport/Tambaú hotel: approximately 100 km, R$ 300,00
  • Natal airport/Tambaú hotel: approximately 200 km, R$ 400,00
  • João Pessoa airport/Tambaú hotel: approximately 15 km, R$ 80,00
  • Tambaú hotel/Convention Center: approximately 10 km, 40,00
  • 1 US$ ≈ R$ 3,75


Hospital Unimed

Av. Min. José Américo de Almeida, 1450 – Torre
Phone: (83) 2106-0216

Hospital Estadual de Emergência e Trauma Senador Humberto Lucena

Av. Orestes Lisboa, S/N - Pedro Gondim, João Pessoa - PB, 58031-090
Phone: (83) 3216-5736


Tourism police

Tourist Police Station (Deatur): (83) 3214 8022 or (83)3247-8405. (24/7 service)
Av. Almirante Tamandaré, 100 - Tambaú

Typical Foods

Beyond the view Brazilian´s Northeast offers, you can count on a vast variety of local cuisine.

João Pessoa has many tents on the streets, pubs and restaurants where you can try some of these options:

  • Arrumadinho (typical Northeastern dish with green beans, flour, dried meat and vinaigrette)
  • Carne-de-sol (dried meat)
  • Tapioca de vários sabores (manioc flour filled with a choice of flavors, such as cheese, fruits and chocolate)
  • Pratos à base de caranguejo, camarão, peixes e mariscos (seafood)
  • Rubacão/Baião de dois (typical rice with dried meat and coconut milk)
  • Pé-de-moleque (typical Brazilian candy cooked with peanuts)
  • Bolos com sabores da terra (homemade cakes)
  • Queijos de Manteiga e Coalho (cheese on the butter and Coalho cheese)
  • Manteiga de Garrafa, also known as Manteiga da Terra (bottler butter)
  • Carne de bode (goat meat)